Simple Butt Toning Exercises for Maximum Results

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Simple Butt Toning Exercises for Maximum Results

Author: Lacey Ricci

If you are among the many individuals who believe that their butts may be sagging or shapeless, butt toning exercises are what you need. Regularly doing the appropriate butt toning exercise, after all, helps a lot in providing you the kind of butt you want. Many men and women currently feel that they have butts that require improvement. After all, a shapely butt tends to make a person appear sexier and more desirable.

Interestingly enough, if you really wish to have a sexy firm butt, the most effective butt toning workouts are not by using some insane butt busting machine or fancy equipment. In reality, the majority of the most effective butt toning workouts are going to be using your body weight or some free weights. In this article, you’ll learn several butt toning exercises that help firm your buttocks and reduce fat.

The grand daddy of all butt toning exercises is the squat. There are many types of squats, but, the one discussed here would be considered ‘the regular squat’. The squat is fairly easy to do. You just have to stand, and then, make sure that your legs are apart from each other at about shoulder width distance. Next, you should slowly bend both your knees and hips as if you would be sitting down on a chair. Keep your back straight and lean forward a little, but be sure to maintain a good posture. Rise back to the standing position, and repeat, but do not lock your knees fully for the best effect. Another more advanced option is to hold yourself in the squatted position for a count of 10 before rising. Weights can be added as a next step also. Repeat this move 10-12 times and then rest for a minute or two. Do 2-3 sets. If it is your first time performing squats, however, just as with other exercises, expect a certain amount of soreness, and work up to the advanced levels slowly.

Another popular butt toning exercise is the lunge. It can be a little bit more difficult than doing a squat or a step-up, but it is worthwhile. Not only do lunges firm your butt — they also tone your legs. The successful lunge is done in the following way: first, you stand with your two feet pointed straight and shoulder width apart. Next, pick up a pair of dumbbells while bending your knees in such a way that your back won’t be strained. You then have to go back into your starting position by straightening both your hip and knees carefully.

Always keep in mind to do stretching exercises prior to any butt workouts to help prevent injuries. It will also help your muscles get flexibility before working them, and help recovery.

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